Resources for Online Class

In order to be successful in this class you must have access to Microsoft Excel on a computer that can run windows. Due to limited access of the CAEDM lab, this is made possible through online resources for those who do not have a computer that runs windows or prefer to use their J drive.


All class, office hours, and TA help will be held on Zoom. For attendance and breakout purposes you must use the same email every class period. Set up your zoom account beforehand and make sure your correct name is displayed for class. Here are some helpful tutorials:
How to Download Zoom
Joining and Configuring Audio & Video
Sharing Your Screen

Online Class Format

Live Remote Delivery, where as stated above, you will be expected to attend with the same email every week and your correct name displayed.

See the Online Tab in Learning Suite for the Zoom Meeting Links

Class will be held on Zoom every Tuesday and Thursday from 12:30 to 1:45. Attendance is necessary in order for you to be successful in this class. It will be helpful to be able to access Microsoft Excel during the lectures in order to follow along. Some ways you can best accomplish this is through dual monitors, an iPad/tablet for the lecture and a laptop to code, or side-by-side mode (half of the screen is Microsoft Excel and the other half is the Zoom meeting).

Creating a CAEDM account

In order to use your J drive you must make a CAEDM account if you do not already have one. This is possible by going to Create a CAEDM Account and following their instructions.

Remote Computing

In order to be able to complete the homework and exams in this class you will need to use Developer in order to access VB Editor on Microsoft Excel. This only works through windows, which the CAEDM lab has made available through remote computing. There are a myriad of resources available on the Remote Computing Page of the CAEDM website. We would reccomend Citrix or LabConnect. You can also map your J Drive to your computer in order to access it off of campus.


LabConnect is arguably the easiest and most functional resource. It allows CAEDM users to remotely access desktop computers in various college and department labs from off campus.

This gives you access to your J Drive as well as Adobe, Microsoft, and other applications.
LabConnect for Windows

LabConnect for Mac


Citrix XenApp is a commercial tool that allows users to remotely access "published" applications (i.e. Adobe and Microsoft Applications). It allows reasonable application performance over the internet. Citrix works well with most applications. You can either use the applications Citrix provides or you can use the web interface and get access to everything. It is less simple to use than LabConnect and may not consistently save your work.

Download Citrix: This link should allow you to download and access the citrix web interface

Preferred Citrix Download for Mac

Access the J Drive Off Campus

Mapping your J Drive