2018 Winter Semester Projects

Here are the projects that were submitted this semester:

Spreadsheet Link Demo Video Description
term project - group 1 link - group 1 FitLife Revenue Tracker - This spreadsheet is a tool to track the details of each visit to the FitLife Chiropractor Office. Users enter data, then the data is compiled, graphs are created, and emails are sent to managers and employees.
term project - group 2 link - group 2 Mazanos Paver Estimate - Have you ever wondered how much it would cost to make a walk/driveway out of paver? Well look no further! Mazanos gives you paver choices and total prices for your project.
term project - group 3 link - group 3 Student Textbook Exchange - Do you want to buy or sell textbook(s) from another student? With our included google form, sellers can input which textbooks they want to sell.
term project - group 4 link - group 4 To Do List - This list allows the user to easily display tasks that need to be completed. A calendar can also be generated which will display the task on the date it is due. The to do list also automatically deletes completed tasks.
term project - group 5 link - group 5 Small Business Calculator - Want to start a business? This spreadsheet is a handy tool that will help you organize and calculate the sales that you make.
term project - group 6 link - group 6 The Game of Life - The Game of Life is a simple program that uses a set of rules to determine if life in a grid will continue to live and reproduce or die out.
term project - group 7 link - group 7 Full Year Finance Plan - Use this spreadsheet to make a personal finance plan by creating a monthly budget.
term project - group 8 link - group 8 NONAGRAMS - This is an engaging brain teaser similar to sudoku or a crossword puzzle.
term project - group 9 link - group 9 Concrete Canoe Generator - This program allows you to click and drag points on a cross section of a canoe with dimensions of your choosing and then spits out the coordinate data for each point.
term project - group 10 link - group 10 Budget and Trend Calculator - This Excel sheet is designed to help determine your monthly budget, as well as determine how soon you will run out of money if you continue to use the same spending patterns.
term project - group 11 link - group 11 Arena Date Tracker - Keeping the Ball in your Court - Upping your game in dating by recording, organizing, and preparing visuals for users to define potential eternal companions.
term project - group 12 link - group 12 Axeon Training Company Project - This excel file compiles text files containing information about medical device companies registered with the FDA into a single spreadsheet.
term project - group 13 link - group 13 Concrete Canoe Mix Design - This will help create different mix designs for the Concrete Canoe team by setting certain parameters and then finding how much Portland cement is needed based on a total volume done automatically.
term project - group 14 link - group 14 Go to Church - For our project we created a game where the goal is to reach church.
term project - group 15 link - group 15 The Casino - Simple gambling game in which the user bets on the number that two dice will roll. Test your luck and learn why you should not gamble.