2017 Fall Semester Projects

Here are the projects that were submitted this semester:

Spreadsheet Link Demo Video Description
term project - group 1 link - group 1 M.A.S.H. - A 90s throwback way to predict your future.
term project - group 2 link - group 2 Blackjack Card Counter - This game is designed to help you count cards in a game of blackjack. Low cards (2-6) are assigned a count of +1, neutral cards (7-9) have a count of 0 (zero), and high cards (10-A) have a count of -1.  After several rounds of play see if you still have the count!.
term project - group 3 link - group 3 Super Budget Calculator - Keep track of your monthly budget using our super budget calculator whether you are in need of debt relief or want to save to buy something special.
term project - group 4 link - group 4 Snake Game - You can play a remake of the classic snake game in excel.
term project - group 5 link - group 5 The Perfect First Datetomizer - The Perfect First Datetomizer is the perfect tool to find that special night out with that special girl. If you want to get married then use this app!
term project - group 6 link - group 6 Food Storage Tracker - Add and Delete items from your food storage list and have it organized by name or by expiration date. You can decide which items to use first by checking which items will expire within the year. You have two separate lists to better help organize food items from non-food items. The items are presented with item name, quantity, and if applicable expiration date.
term project - group 7 link - group 7 The Restaurant Finder - Ever have a hard time deciding where to eat? Well The Restaurant Finder is your key to finding somewhere good to eat in the city of Provo.
term project - group 8 link - group 8 BYU Personality Test - A personality test to find your happy place here at BYU. (based on BYU stereotypes)
term project - group 9 link - group 9 Where’d The Time Go? - Time-management is very important and key to a successful life! We created a program that allows you to plan your day/week, keep track of the to-do list, and record your life so that you and your future posterity can know what you did with it.
term project - group 10 link - group 10 “The Perfect Ring” Quiz - Manage a series of trips. For each trip, enter dates and expenses and detailed daily planner will be filled in and the budget is tracked.
term project - group 11 link - group 11 Meal Planner - Create personalized meal plans based on your weight goals, to help you save time and money.
term project - group 12 link - group 12 LDS Directory Route Mapping - This spreadsheet maps the shortest route to traverse through a ward from a given location using ward directory information.
term project - group 13 link - group 13 The Beam Sizer & Bid Producer - A program designed to help home builders and engineers select beams based upon the specified loads, and then generate an invoice...all for free!
term project - group 14 link - group 14 Birthday Blast - It’s a timed matching game that puts your baking skills to the test! Race against time as you perfect your cake decorating skills.
term project - group 15 link - group 15 Date Planner - Helps organize your life and plan your dates with that special someone. It is a weekly planner and a date idea generator.