2017 Winter Semester Projects

Here are the projects that were submitted this semester.
Spreadsheet Link Description
term project - group 1 Cantilever Beam Designer - Designs the most efficient beam necessary to carry a given set of loads and displays a respective cross section with dimensions.
term project - group 2 Student Course Planner - This Digital Version of the CE EN Flowchart allows students to plan their semesters for the Civil & Environmental Engineering Major at BYU.
term project - group 3 Visiting Teaching Tracker - Allows members to report visiting teaching, view directory of members, view companionships, generate reports, and search for specific individuals.
term project - group 4 CE EN 114 Lab 5 Grader - Plug in the values measured in lab 5 of CE EN 114 and pull out all of the answers. TAs can now grade twice as fast.
term project - group 5 The Wedding App - Are you sending invites but don’t have time to address the envelopes? Thank You Cards are an annoyance? If you said yes, try The Wedding App!
term project - group 6 Boggle by Excel - Play the classic game of “Boggle” with this Excel sheet that generates the letters, calculates the score, and lets you play with up to 4 people.
term project - group 7 Mohr’s Circle Calculator - This workbook calculates the stresses on an element of a material at any angle, as well as the principal stresses, and plots them on Mohr’s Circle.
term project - group 8 Mobile Taxonomy Data Entry Sheet - This is a document designed for the Manti-Le Sal Forest Service to easily record data in the field.
term project - group 9 The Movie Option Generator - A tool to help you pick a movie to watch from the top 250 IMDB movies and some Disney movies. Movies are suggested depending on what genres you desire and your current age range.
term project - group 10 Mohr’s Circle Generator - Creates a graph that plots the stresses at any angle of rotation on a stress element. Allows you to find the stresses.
term project - group 11 Cee Lo - A turn based dice game for 3-6 players. With each roll dice will be displayed and your score is automatically calculated. You can choose how many wins are needed to decide an overall winner.
term project - group 12 Health Planner - This workbook helps the user reach a realistic weight goal by taking basic health information and generating a weekly calorie-counting planner.
term project - group 14 Plan Your Life Away (PYLA) - Plan Your Life Away allows you to schedule the classes you still need for graduation, according to the semester that they are available.
term project - group 15 Statics Solver - Welcome to the statics solver! Sit back, relax, and solve all of your distributed load problems with the click of a few buttons.