2016 Fall Semester Projects

Here are the projects that were submitted this semester.
Spreadsheet Link Description
term project - group 1 Budget/Goal Tracker - Set long-term financial goals and spending categories and then track your progress by month.
term project - group 2 Chess Board - Fully-functional two-person chess game. Click on a piece and the available moves are automatically highlighted.
term project - group 3 Chess Board - Another fully-functional two-person chess game. Click on pieces to move.
term project - group 4 Water Sample Tracker - Developed to manage water sampling data for a local consulting firm.
term project - group 5 Skunk - A dice game that can be played between 2-4 competitors
term project - group 6 Monthly Budget - Budget/Expense tracker with categories. You can download your bank statement as a CSV file and import your expenses automatically.
term project - group 7 DarkSwords Game Store Tracker - Helps find the best prices for items bought and sold in player-owned shops in the game DarkSwords. Searches a large database of online stores.
term project - group 8 NFL Playoff Simulator - Enter records to date for NFL teams and predict outcomes for remaining games to see impact on playoffs.
term project - group 9 Matrix Solver - Enter a matrix and compute the transpose, determinant, and inverse.
term project - group 10 Trip Planner - Manage a series of trips. For each trip, enter dates and expenses and detailed daily planner will be filled in and the budget is tracked.
term project - group 11 Density Test Worksheet - Manages data entry and calculations for a set of field density tests. Developed for use by a local consulting firm.
term project - group 12 Dinner-Figure-Outerer - Your new friend when it comes to trying to decide what to eat. Helps you figure out where you should go to eat, especially when deciding for a group.
term project - group 13 CE En Course Planner - This is a digital version of the BYU CE En "flow chart". Use this tool to help plan your semester courses.
term project - group 14 Hogwarts Sorting Quiz - Answer a set of questions and find out what wizard school is for you.
term project - group 15 Mr. Potato Head - An Excel version of the classic toy.