2016 Winter Semester Projects

Here are the projects that were submitted this semester.
Spreadsheet Link Description
term project - group 1 Archery Game - Simulation of someone shooting arrows at a target. Choose your arrow color, power, angle, and target distance and see if you can hit the target.
term project - group 2 Tuner - Plays Guitar, Violin, and Mandolin sounds when you click on a string. Requires 32-bit CPU to run.
term project - group 3 American Heritage Grader - Imports scores from a section of BYU American Heritage into a customized tool for adjusting the curve and assigning grades.
term project - group 4 Gas Calculator - Enter your trip details and find out how much gas you will need. Looks up the current gas prices on the web.
term project - group 5 Equipment Estimating Tool - Utility used by a local company to put together detailed cost estimates on equipment bids.
term project - group 6 Reactor Solver - Handy solver for a variety of different reactor types. Enter knowns and it solves for unknowns.
term project - group 7 Daily Calendar - Enter events to build a daily calendar for the coming week. Filter by categories.
term project - group 8 Outfit Generator - Select the season and generator and this tool will pick an outfit for you.
term project - group 9 Verb Conjugator - Enter a Spanish verb and watch it get conjugated.
term project - group 10 BYU Freshman Directory - Builds a directory from raw data for hosting BYU freshmen. Used by campus organization.
term project - group 11 Date Idea Generator - Pick your cost, type of date, and time (when?) and this tool will generate a list of date ideas.
term project - group 12 Moment of Inertia Calculator - Create a complex shape and this workbook will calculate the moment of inertia.
term project - group 13 Meet Your Match - Enter some information about yourself and find out who your best match is.
term project - group 14 Range Simulator - Enter the conditions on the range and this electronic caddy will pick a club for you.
term project - group 15 Connect Four - Grab a friend and sit down to enjoy the classic game.