2015 Fall Semester Projects

Here are the projects that were submitted this semester.
Spreadsheet Link Description
term project - group 1 Movie Selection System - Create a database of your movies and use this tool to help you decide what to watch.
term project - group 2 Transportation Project Estimator - Select a project type and this tool will create a cost estimation sheet from a set of templates.
term project - group 3 Personal Schedule Maker - Put in your recurring weekly activities and this tool will create a nicely formatted weekly schedule table for you.
term project - group 4 Workout Tracker - Enter a set of workouts and use this tool to track your progress.
term project - group 5 Epic Piano - Play a piano in excel using a beautiful virtual piano keyboard. Your notes will appear on a staff. Works on 32-bit computers only.
term project - group 6 Aquarium Estimator - Prepares a detailed estimate on a large aquarium. Used by a Provo company that install aquariums all over the world.
term project - group 7 Tab Star - Enter some notes and play guitar in Excel. Works on 32-bit computers only.
term project - group 8 Personal Finance Tracker - Keep track of all of your personal finances at a detailed level with this tool.
term project - group 9 Naughty or Nice? - Answer a series of questions to determine if you have been naughty or nice for Christmas.
term project - group 11 Grocery Prices Tracker - Set up a database of grocery prices at your local stores.
term project - group 12 Tank - Play the classic arcade game in Excel.
term project - group 14 Maze Game - Solve a classic maze.
term project - group 15 Number Facts - Enter a number and learn some fun number facts.