2015 Winter Semester Projects

Here are the projects that were submitted this semester.
Spreadsheet Link Description
term project - group 1 Monthly Meal Planner - Pick a set of meals from a list and the choices you make will be shown in a calendar. Features a database of delicious recipes.
term project - group 2 International Baking Converter - Enter a set of ingredients and quantities in metric units and this will convert them to US units. Or vice versa.
term project - group 3 Proposal Builder - This tool uses selections from a very detailed list of bid items to create a custom bid or proposal. Developed for a local company.
term project - group 4 Your Life in a Nutshell - Answer a series of questions about your life choices and preferences and this handy tool will create a timeline of your life history.
term project - group 5 Citation Machine - Enter references for books, film, journal articles, etc. and this tool will format a list of citations in one of three formats.
term project - group 6 Yahtzee - Play the classic game of chance.
term project - group 7 Rock Fall - Scrolling arcade game where Wiley Pete tries to catch as many gold nuggets and possible without getting smashed by the falling rocks.
term project - group 8 Scripture Mastery Memorization Tool - This tool works as a learning aid to help you memorize the standard LDS Scriptures.
term project - group 9 Practice Math Test - This tool features a series of questions on geometry, algebra, and basic calculus. It can help you refresh your skills after you have taken a break from math for a while.
term project - group 10 Workout Creator - Select the type of work at you want and the muscles you want to focus on and this tool will create a five-day schedule for your workouts.
term project - group 11  
term project - group 12 Run, Forrest, Run! - Choose from a series of running events including a half marathon and a marathon and this tool will prepare a workout schedule for you to help you get ready.
term project - group 13 NBA Playoff Generator – Using an archive of playoff statistics, this tool will fill in your NBA bracket.
term project - group 14 Student Vacation Planner – Pick a continent, a country, a city, and a few other details and this tool will help you plan your vacation and estimate the cost..
term project - group 15 My Planner - Manages a calendar and a to do list. Keep your life organized!