2014 Fall Semester Projects

Here are the projects that were submitted this semester.
Spreadsheet Link Description
term project - group 1 Multimedia Lab Checkout Database - Tool for managing a database of checked out items from the BYU multimedia lab in the Harold B. Lee Library.
term project - group 2 Complaint Log - Manages a large complaint log for a local company. Complaints can be queried and sorted and missing information is highlighted.
term project - group 3 New Year's Resolution Manager - Enter all your new year's resolutions and then manage them with this tool. View resolutions in list, calendar, or journal format. E-mail a copy of your goals to someone else for added accountability.
term project - group 4 Hangman Game - A spreadsheet version of the classic word game. With several thousand names to in the database.
term project - group 5 Snake - Classic snake game. Choose your grid size, start the game, and then use the arrow keys to control the snake and score points. Watch out for the edges.
term project - group 6 Budget/Spending Tracker - Enter all of your spending and use this tool to analyze your budget. Shows spending by category. Track spending between two specific dates.
term project - group 7 Open Channel Flow Calculator - Tool for analyzing flow in open channels using Manning's Equation. Supports rectangular, triangular, trapezoidal, and cicular channels. Solve for flow or for slope. Large selection of material types.
term project - group 8 Word Mangler - Pick a 6- or 7-letter scrambled word and try to find all possible words based on the letter of at least a length of three characters. It will show you how many words remain. Save your highest scores.
term project - group 9 Fitness Test and Workout Tracker - Allows you to determine if you have passed the USAF Fitness Test, based on your run times, pushups, situps, etc. Also tracks your performance over time.
term project - group 10 March Madness - A fully-featured NCAA basketball March Madness pool management tool. This project consists of two parts: a bracket sheet you provide to contestants to fill out and a manager tool that compiles everyone's predictions into a single workbook to track results and scores.
term project - group 11 Hiking Hub - Tool for managing everything you need for a hike or campout. Pick a hike by searching from a database based on desired features. Make a list of gear you need and calculate the cost of buying or renting. Make a packing list. Calculate the cost of fuel for your hike. Gas prices pulled from internet.
term project - group 12 Wheel of Fortune - Spreadsheet version of the hit game show. Three players spin the wheel and try to guess the hidden phrase.
term project - group 13 Connect Four - Spreadsheet version of the classic stacking game. Play against the computer or another person.
term project - group 14 <there was no group 14 this semester>
term project - group 15 Company Fiscal Report - Sophisticated spreadsheet for calculating and summarizing revenue and earning for a company by compiling information from individual accounts.