2014 Winter Semester Projects

Here are the projects that were submitted this semester. Fantastic job everyone!
Spreadsheet Link Description
term project - group 1 Beam Design Tool - For the case of a simply supported beam with both a distributed load and a point load, this tool finds the lightest beam possible that will support the loading conditions.
term project - group 2 Packing List Generator - Enter some details about an upcoming trip and this handy tool will automtically create a packing list for you.
term project - group 3 Uno - Simulate the classic card game for two players.
term project - group 4 Power of Priorities - A spreadsheet version of the Steven R. Covey urgent-important quadrant theory of time management.
term project - group 5 Primary Secretary Helper - A tool for assigning talk/prayer/scripture to the junior and senior members of an LDS primary organization. For each child it keeps track of history so you can see who hasn't had a chance to participate in a long time. Also sends out assignments to parents via e-mail.
term project - group 6 Homework Tracker - This spreadsheet can be used to manage a list of your homework assignments.
term project - group 7 College Football Season Simulator - Pick your favorite college football team and enter their upcoming season and win probabilities for each game and this tool will perform a Monte Carlo Simulation to predict the probability for each possible win-loss combination.
term project - group 8 BYU Jeopardy - A special version of the classic game show with questions related to our beloved BYU.
term project - group 9 Chutes and Ladders - An Excel implementation of the class board game.
term project - group 10 Backpacking Trip Planner - This tool helps you generate a list of the gear and food you will need for a backpacking trip. Includes an analysis of the calories that will be burned on the trip.
term project - group 11 Favorite School Formatter - Formats a spreadsheet with the proper colors based on your selection of your favorite school. If you pick the wrong school, watch out!
term project - group 12 Birthday Analyzer - Enter your birthday and this spreadsheet will search the web to display photos of a set of celebs with the same birthday. Also provides your horiscope.
term project - group 13 Daily Labor Report - Creates a daily labor report associated with an electrical contracting company.
term project - group 14 Change Order Manager - Manages change orders associated with a home construction company.
term project - group 15 Top Gear Cool Wall - Presents a series of car photos which you can rate on the basis of coolness. Tabulates coolness scores.