2013 Fall Semester Projects

Here are the projects that were submitted this semester. Fantastic job everyone!
Spreadsheet Link Description
term project - group 1 Visiting and Home Teaching Tracker - Keeps track of monthly status of HT and VT visits. Monthly data can be archived to a yearly record. Includes tool to send reminder via e-mail.
term project - group 2 Call Team Manager - Used to manage a team of customer support workers. Tracks analysis of phone calls and creates summaries and reports. Designed for use by a real company.
term project - group 3 Wells Fargo Banking Utility - Logs on to your Wells Fargo account and downloads your banking transactions and then breaks down spending over time and analyzes your budget. Not fully functional.
term project - group 4 C&S Excavation Bid Form - Tool to help excavation company prepare bids. Includes estimates for fuel costs. Designed for use by a real company.
term project - group 5 Pipe Network Solver - Uses the Hazen-Williams method to solve for the flows in a network of pipes. Designed for a specific configuration but could be easily adapted for other configurations.
term project - group 6 3D Printing Job Manager - Maintains a log of jobs for a 3D printing company. All jobs are tracked and the status is updated as the job is completed. Includes options for sending e-mail/text, making receipts, and configuring a job. Designed for use with a real company.
term project - group 7 Grocery List Manager - Enter a set of meals from a database of recipes and this handy tool will make a list of the items (with quantities) that you need to pick up at the grocery store.
term project - group 8 Alpine Gas Fireplace Bid Estimator - Creates a bid estimate for a gas fireplace. Includes an archive of furncases and costs. Prepared for use by an actual company.
term project - group 9 Elder's Quorum Module - Utility to manage list of elders and to assign sacrament and track home teaching. Monthly HT data are archived to an annual report.
term project - group 10 Stress/Strain Calculator - Performs a series of basic stress/strain and Mohr Circle calculations. A great tool to have handy when you take the mechanics of materials course.
term project - group 11 Ward Clerk Help Utility - A customized tool to help beleaguered ward clerks. Used to manage a list of ward members, send group e-mail and text.
term project - group 12 Plant Selection Assistant - This tools helps you pick a set of plants that are appropriate to your region.
term project - group 13 Daily Construction Report - Creates a daily log used by a construction company foreman to track usage of machines on a jobsite and to track and report overall job progress. Designed for use with a real company.
term project - group 14 Body Fat Progress Tracker - Enter your weight, ht, age, etc at several dates over a period of time and see how your body fat %(and ideal body fat %) varies with time.
term project - group 15 The Beam Machine - This tool is used to design beams for structural engineering. You enter the design parameters and it finds a beam that is optimally-suited for your application from a database of available beam types and sizes.