2013 Winter Semester Projects

Here are the projects that were submitted this semester. Fantastic job everyone!
Spreadsheet Link Description
term project - group 1 Hilltop Ward Home Teaching - It is an easy way for any ward to report and keep track of home-teaching, which It allows for a home-teaching coordinator to create companionships and/or assignments as well as insert new ward members. After manually declaring the monthly visits, a report can be printed.
term project - group 2 Sudoku - This is a simple, fun Sudoku puzzle simulator. The users can select various levels of difficulty and check the answers and view hints.
term project - group 3 College Baseball Team Manager - This program allows people create their own custom roster for baseball teams and customize their stats.
term project - group 4 Hangman - A fun game of hangman
term project - group 5 Vital Tracker - This is a tool designed to assist hospital nurses in tracking the vital signs of the patients.
term project - group 6 The College Chef - It allows college students to add ingredients that they have to the program and then the program will then give selections of what they can cook with those ingredients.
term project - group 7 Matermind - This is a challenging game of reasoning where one must guess the correct pattern of colors based on given hints for each guess.
term project - group 8 Resume Builder - This is a wonderful program for building resume!
term project - group 9 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest - This programs estimates how many hot dogs a person can eat depends on age, ethnicity, weight and other variables.
term project - group 10 Vehicle Fleet Manager Instructions - A fleet database where vehicle information such as make, model, engine type, etc. can be stored.
term project - group 11 Willow Creek Physical Therapy - A database for a physical therapy that allows users to manage the records of patients and employers.
term project - group 12 Apartment Maintenance Request Site - Allows the tenants to request any repair works or new household equipents for their rooms and the manager can see what will be the cost of that of each request.
term project - group 13 Box-N-Store - This customer database is designed to keep track of customers that have a remaining balance on their account. It keeps track of how much cubic footage the customer is using and the associated charges for the amount of space rented.
term project - group 14 Our Cub Scouts - Database for managing cub scouts.
term project - group 15 Sudoku - An advanced version of sudoku.