2012 Fall Semester Projects

Here are the projects that were submitted this semester. Fantastic job everyone!

Spreadsheet Link Description
term project - group 1 Battleship - Two-player classic Battleship game where you play each other over a local network. Each player lays out the locations of the ships and then selects a cell to fire at the other player's ships when taking turns. Graphical feedback of results.
term project - group 2 Marathon Trainer - Designed for a personal trainer managing a list of clients. For each runner, a set of data is entered including age, upcoming race, date, level (beg, intermediate, expert) and distance. A custom training schedule is generated for each runner. Text message updates are supported.
term project - group 3 Pokemon - Choose your pocket monster, select your attacks, and have a Pokemon battle with an opponent. Health of each pokemon is shown with a graphical bar as the battle proceeds. Includes graphics and data for 151 different pokemon characters.
term project - group 4 Yahtzee - Classic Yahtzee dice game for two players. Roll the dice, select what to keep, and roll again. Scores automatically tabulated. Graphical display of dice.
term project - group 5 MTC P.I. Manager - Designed by an MTC employee and used in now used by staff at the MTC. Allows someone to manage lists of hypothetical investigator profiles and assign them to companion sets for mock teaching exercises. Tracks results and progress.
term project - group 6 Personal Budget - Enter your daily expenses and income and assign categories to each and this handy tool will let you browse a color coded ledger and it will let you create reports and graphs of spending by category.
term project - group 7 Concrete Beam Analysis - Enter data describing a reinforced concrete beam and this spreadsheet will analyze the beam to determine if it can be fabricated and it will draw a cross section of the beam.
term project - group 8 Utah National Park Trip Planner - Would you like some help planning a trip to one of the national parks in Utah? This tool will help you select lodging and activities and will provide a list of restaurants with links. It will also generate a summary of the estimated costs for your trip.
term project - group 9 Workout Advisor - Enter some information about your workout (shape, goals, weight, location, etc.) and this tool will genarate a list of exercises customized to your objectives. Gym workouts are randomly selected from a list.
term project - group 10 Maze Solver - Design a maze or copy one of the preset mazes and watch the computer try to solve it using a recursive algorithm. Includes a mode to quickly design a new maze.
term project - group 11 Home Teaching Reminder - Simple yet powerful tool for managing home teaching lists and tracking home teaching results. Includes option to send reminders and reports via both e-mail and text messaging.
term project - group 12 Fantasy Basketball - Tool for creating a fantasy NBA basketball team. Professional-looking interface walks you through each step of the process and the player stats are automatically downloaded from the internet using a web-based data connection.
term project - group 13 Wedding Gift Registry - Getting married soon? Use this tool to manage the list of gifts you would like to receive and to keep a detailed record of the gifts that you receive on your wedding day.
term project - group 14 Minesweeper - An Excel-based version of the classic Minesweeper game. Select your game level (easy, medium, hard, or custom) and start marking those bombs. Looks and behaves just like the original.
term project - group 15 Sudoku - Pick a game from one of the levels (easy, medium, hard) and try to solve the classic math puzzle game. Enter a wrong number and you get immediate feedback. Keeps track of the fastest time for each puzzle and stores the high scores on an extra sheet.