2012 Winter Semester Projects

Here are the projects that were submitted this semester. Fantastic job everyone!

Spreadsheet Link Description
term project - group 1 Recipe Finder - You enter a list of the ingredients you have in your pantry and it looks through a database of recipes and gives you a list of recipes that you could make with those ingredients, including recipes where you are only missing a few items. It links to a set of recipes on the internet.
term project - group 2 Linear Algebra Calculator - You enter the size of a matrix (number of rows and columns) and it formats a table and lets you enter the matrix values. It will then calculate the inverse of the matrix. You also enter a B vector and it will solve for the X vector assuming your matrix and vector correspond to a set of simultaneous linear equations.
term project - group 3 Stock Portfolio - Lets you manage a list of stocks. When you add a new stock, it creates a new page for the stock and provides summary data and charts of price vs time. When you first open the workbook there is a delay for a few minutes because it links to the internet to download real-time stock quotes and data.
term project - group 4 Foundation Project Estimate - You enter some information about a foundation (coordinates of foundation in plan view, soil type, concrete type, etc. and it plots the foundation shape. It will also generate a cost estimate and an invoice for the foundation.
term project - group 5 Home Loan Calculation and Saving Tool - This is like the loan calculator homework assignment, but it is much more sophisticated. You enter information regarding a loan (loan amount, interest, duration) and it creates a set of tables and charts showing the loan payoff by year and month. The chart are resized each time based on the duration. You can also enter an extra principal payment and it will create an extra set of charts and tables showing the difference made in terms of balance remaining and time to pay off loan.
term project - group 6 Personal Fitness Tracker - This spreadsheet allows you to enter a list of the foods you eat and a list of your daily activities. It then calculates your calorie budget and estimates how much wait you have gained/lost each day and it tracks your progress over time.
term project - group 7 Hang Man Game - This is an Excel implementation of the traditional hang man game. You can enter a secret word or have the computer pick one for you. Then you click on buttons to select letters and try to guess the word before you die from strangulation. Graphics included.
term project - group 8 March Madness Bracket Generator 1 - Enter the field of 64 with seeding and click on a button to populate a bracket where the selections are based on probability of winning and a random number generator. You end up with a reasonable sampling of upsets. Don't like the results? Just keep clicking the button until you do.
term project - group 9 NBA Playoff Simulator - Enter the current NBA standings and fill out a table of teams stats (shooting, rebounding, steals, etc.) and it will populate the playoff bracket and simulate the winner of each game based on an algorithm factoring in win/loss record and all team stats.
term project - group 10 Daily Produce Management - This spreadsheet was developed for use by BYU food services. It provides a streamlined and automated workflow for selecting quantities of food for upcoming events and it produces concise daily summaries of the selections made. This project consists of two separate spreadsheets so the link on the left downloads a zip archive containing the two documents.
term project - group 11 USAF Fitness Test Tracker - Enter your results related to pushups, situps, and run time and this spreadsheet will calculate your US Air Force Fitness Test score and rating. You can also keep track of test data for a group of people and it will create a separate sheet for each person with a table of results organized by date.
term project - group 12 Bishopric Appointment Manager - For use by an LDS ward executive secretary. You enter an interview schedule for a bishop, first counselor, and second counselor and a table of contact information for each of your ward members. Then you push a button and it will send a text message and/or e-mail message to everyone on the list. The spreadsheet is set up to generate random data you can use to test the functionality of the code. The e-mail utility is designed for use with MS Outlook, but it could be re-engineered to work with any e-mail utility.
term project - group 13 Personal Budget Tracker - Enter your daily expenditures with amounts and category and enter your budget goal and this spreadsheet will provide you with a highly detailed spending and budget report (including tables and charts) organized both by month and by spending category.
term project - group 14 March Madness Bracket Generator 2 - Similar to the one described above, but the brackets are organized by region (one sheet per region) and the simulations are done one round at a time so you can override the results selectively if you wish. Once again, winners are chosen randomly based on selections. The data defining odds of winning are carefully extracted by evaluating all matchups from previous tournaments involving 64 teams.
term project - group 15 The Dream Catcher - Enter some information about your recent dreams and this handy spreadsheet will interpret them for you. Based on your dreams it will tell you your lucky numbers, your love fortune, your financial prospects, personal insights, and it will predict your next dream. Who said engineers are boring?