HW#4 - Microsoft Word

Create a Word document and do the following:

a) Start with an existing document or paste in some text for the body of your document so that your document is at least ten pages long. The content of the text does not matter*.

b) Create a set of headings and apply heading styles. Use at least four "Heading 1" styles and at least four "Heading 2" styles.

c) Change the Design to something other than the default using the options in the Design tab of Word (in earlier versions of Word this is called a Style Set).

d) Create at least four figures by importing or cutting and pasting graphical images.

e) Insert four captions for the figures using the References|Insert Caption tool. Add some text to your captions.

f) Adjust the text in your document to make reference to each of your figures. Use the References|Cross Reference feature in Word to create an auto-updated link to the caption label and number ("Figure 2", etc.).

g) Automatically generate a Table of Figures at the beginning of your document.

h) Automatically generate a Table of Contents at the beginning of your document.

i) Go to the Review ribbon and turn on the Track Changes option. Make at least 10 minor edits to your document. Add at least two comments.

*You are not allowed to use the solution to the in-class task for this assignment.

Submittal Instructions:

1. Be sure to save the changes to your document

2. Upload your document via Learning Suite.