HW#3 - Web Page Authoring

The objective of this assignment is to write your own home page and post it on the internet. The steps involved in setting up your web are described in the Web Authoring with Nvu document and also in the Web Authoring with Dreamweaver document. You are not required to use Nvu or Dreamweaver on this assignment. You can use any web editing software you would like.

Your web must include the following items:

In addition to giving you a grade on the homework assignment, we will be voting on the top five webs and we will give a prize in class to the winners.

Have fun!!!

*When the user clicks on a mailto link, the browser should launch a new empty e-mail message addressed to the address in the link. This will only work if you are browsing the page on a comptuer where the default mail client has been specified. It will generally not work on the CAEDM network but should work on most home computers, laptops, etc.

Submittal Instructions:

1. When you are finished with your web, open up a new Microsoft Word document, type the URL to your web page, and save the document

2. Upload your document via Learning Suite.