HW#1 - Computer Basics

In order to become familiar with some of the basic computer tools we talked about in class, I would like you to perform each of the tasks listed below. Copy the contents of this page to a Word Document and answer each question in the location shown with an underline.


1) CAEDM Account Manager

a) Go to http://caedm.et.byu.edu/

b) Use the button at the top to log in. Browse the options on this website.

c) Click on the Resources for Research link in the left menu. A new page will load. Enter one of the subtitles here:


d) Logout of the Account Manager.

2) Citrix

NOTE: This step must be completed on a laptop or desktop computer where you have administrative rights that will permit you to install software.

a) Go to http://citrix.et.byu.edu.

b) At this point you may be prompted to install the Citrix Receiver (green INSTALL button). This is a special utility that is required to launch applications. Select the "I agree..." checkbox and click on the INSTALL button and follow the prompts. You will only need to install the receiver once.

c) Go to Applications|Office Programs and launch Excel. This will download a launch.ica file that you will need to double-click before Excel will launch.

d) Click on the Desktops tab, and launch the web login console. Again, you will need to click on the launch.ica file to continue.

e) After logging in, click on the Start button and then click on All Programs link. What is title of the last item (a folder) listed at the very bottom of the list of programs/folders?


f) Log out of your Citrix session. You can do this by clicking on the X to close the window.

3) Zipping Files

a) Save your Word file and convert it into a zip archive.

4) Slack

a) Make sure you are signed up on the Slack Channel for CE En 170 and send all the three TA's a direct message (TA Anna Cecil, TA Sam Runyan, TA Zach Gallini). You can look at the Welcome Announcement on Learning Suite for the link to the invitation if you lost your email.

Submittal Instructions:

Upload your zipped file via Learning Suite.