CE En 170 - Final Exam KEY

Fall Semester 2019

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1. (1 pt each) True or False:

a. T F  (debug) The Step Into command in the VB debugger is used to trace the execution into a user-defined sub or function that is called from the currently highlighted line of code.

b. T F  (controls) Combo boxes are similar to option groups since they allow the user to select one item from a set of choices.

c. T F  (compsci) The equivalent of the number 12 in hexidecimal is "B"

d. T F  (functions) The main difference between subs and functions is that functions can have input arguments but subs cannot.

e. T F  (excel) All angles in Excel trig functions are assumed to be in degrees by default

f. T F  (subs) When calling a sub, you should always put parentheses around the arguments you are passing to the sub.

g. T F  (ranges) The default property of a Range object in VBA is Value.

h. T F  (functions) It is possible to call standard Excel functions such as Sum and Average from VB code.

i. T F  (compsci) Four digit years (ex. "1985") can be represented adequately with two-byte integers.

j. T F  (variables) The Variant data type cannot be used for variables containing strings.

k. T F  (caedm) Everything you put on your J: drive is visible over the internet using a standard web browser.

l. T F  (ifthen) The Or operator is used between two conditional expressions and returns True if either or both of the expressions is True.

m. T F  (excel) For the XY Scatter plot, markers should only be used when you are plotting points representing measured or raw data values, as opposed to points defining a continuous function.

n. T F  (loops) The looping variable for the For i=... style of loop should always be either an Integer or Long.

o. T F  (arrays) When dimensioning an array using the ReDim statement, the array dimensions may be declared using variables (not constants).