CE En 170 - Exam #2 KEY

Fall Semester 2019

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1. (1 pt each) True or False:

a. T F  (controls) In an Excel spreadsheet, option groups are organized by giving all option controls in a group the same value for the GroupName property

b. T F  (ifthen) The Boolean expression Not x Or Not y evaluates to True when either x or y is false

c. T F  (variables) By placing the Option Explicit statement at the top of your code, VB forces you to declare all variables.

d. T F  (arrays) When dimensioning an array using the Dim statement, the array dimensions must be declared using constants (not variables)

e. T F  (controls) Your project requires the user to choose their gender. You could display the choices, Male and Female, with check boxes.

f. T F  (debug) The VB Editor catches both logic and syntax errors as each line of code is typed into the editor.

g. T F  (loops) The statements in a Do ... Loop While style of loop will always be executed at least once.

h. T F  (variables) A Long variable is a double precision integer.

i. T F  (objects) The For i=... loop is best suited for iterating through each of the objects in a collection.

j. T F  (objects) In the statement Range("A5:A100").ClearContents, the ClearContents part is one of the properties of a Range object.